Hi, we're Nick & Erica.

We met in 2008 at a wedding reception, exchanged numbers, and I impatiently asked him out first. A year later we made it official and have spent the last 13 years creating our wild life. It involves four kids, a dog, two cats, foster care, a lot of laughter, planned and unplanned adventures, and a whole lotta' crazy. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

Twelve years ago, we started taking pictures. We want to capture YOUR crazy. Sure, we'll get the posed photos and the happy smiles. But we also want the wacky toddler smiles, the wrinkled shirts, the sticky hands, the squishy hugs... all the things that make your family what it is. The things that drive you crazy now and that you'll remember with fondness 20 years down the road. Let us document the way he looks at you, the way she laughs, the way he squints his eyes, the way she doesn't want to be held by anyone but mommy.

We want to shoot YOU.

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